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"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." - Vincent VanGogh

Meet the Artist

As a mural artist and designer, Dana is very passionate about her work. With art being an influential part of her life, she began painting murals 9 years ago. She started the mural company, Art Is All Around, to introduce people to the vast options a mural offers. Dana believes being able to transform a space into an interactive and engaging work of art is very exciting and satisfying work.

Some of her past mural projects have included children's rooms, hospital therapy rooms and schools. With her degree in graphic design and emphasis in fine art, she is able to bring a variety of artistic styles to her clients ensuring them a mural that is truly unique. Her hope is for people to recognize that art is all around: in nature, architecture, music - the list is endless and it comes to life in a mural.

Dana Leafdale Heimes